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Young People’s Event in the Nevada Area!!

Greetings, Pastors!
My name is Meghan (Meg) Starick. I’m at senior at McQueen High school in Northwest Reno. I’m a member at Sparks UMC. 

I’m looking to hold a retreat for young people in the surrounding area: Nevada and regions nearby toward Tahoe, Carson City and north towards Portola and Fallon.

I've got some ideas about what the retreat will be about and who exactly we might reach to.  But I want to get connected to the youth directors and others who would also be into it.  I want this to be something we do together.

Please reply to me with your youth director's contact info.  If you don’t have a youth director but you have some young people in your church who you’d think may be interested in joining this retreat and possibly helping plan it, please give them the info!

My contact information is email: phone number 775-351-5063, I prefer text over call, but call is fine too.  You can reach out to Pastor Darren in the conference office, too.  We're working together.

Please pray for us to get a great retreat planned and to get our young people back and connected post pandemic.  

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