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Toyon Camp 2021: New opportunities this summer

Let's get our camping ministries up and running again and make this summer all about faith, community, and lots of fun.  Come enjoy one of our New Camping N.O.W. opportunities this summer! 

New Camping in New Normal, New Opportunities and New Witness is inviting us all to look at the future of camping. The future of camping is also here in the present and now. We, on the conference camping staff and the Board of Camping and Retreat Ministries, could not do the vision and plan of the future of camping only by ourselves. But we need you. New Camping N.O.W is about community, connection, collective way of making disciples of Jesus Christ. New Camping N.O.W is inviting us to embrace that there is hope in camping ministry that is rooted in anti-racism and decolonization of the church.  

New Camping N.O.W is opening this Summer! The program and schedule are designed for FAMILY Camping: parent(s)/guardian(s) need to attend and stay with their child(ren) for a ONE DAY CAMP or an OVERNIGHT CAMP. 

Please join us on Sunday May 30th at 1pm PDT for an informational zoom where you can learn about our plan for Toyon Camp 2021. 

Click here to join the zoom call on May 30th at 1pm.  The meeting ID is 522 370 4772.

Click here to register for Toyon 2021!

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