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Prayer Song of Hope

My reflection this week after the Fifth Sunday in Lent and before Palm Sunday is a witness of admiration to the people on the frontline serving, risking their lives, battling the war on the coronavirus pandemic. I remember them in my prayer as a practice of my spirituality which has been formed in me as a disciple of Jesus.  As a clergy, I observe faithfully the practices in the Lenten Season. 

I've been watching news coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in several channels (local, cable and online). There are so many times that I've been thinking and struggling with the question of what can I do more to serve the people and community during this pandemic while following the directive of staying at home. I think you will agree with me that we're realizing and recognizing each and everyone's vocational calling during this time of crisis and opportunity. We're called to reflect the image of God in us, and through us, that we're stewards and keepers of our brothers and sisters. This stewardship is demonstrated in many creative and innovative ways which we could offer to affirm the dignity of life during this time of crisis and struggle. I'm not on the frontline but I will keep on praying, thinking, conversing, consulting, in finding ways collectively with collaboration to serve and extend helping hands while sheltering in place in helping slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

God has never forgotten nor abandoned us. Emmanuel. God is with us. 


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