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Apply to These Young People's Ministry Grants and Scholarships Today!

The beginning of every calendar year is accompanied by opportunities to dream and plan for the year ahead. Leaders who embrace their “why” and use their senses to learn about the needs of their communities can look for support from around the connection. Districts, Conferences, Jurisdictions, General Agencies each support ministry and projects that impact young people in different ways. Sometimes, each of those levels of the church have grants or the ability to financially support a project for youth or young adults. Every Annual Conference is supposed to maintain their own “Youth Service Fund” for example, and each Conference awards those funds as they choose. Often, this doesn’t mean a complete sponsorship, but savvy leaders can research and find funds to help them turn ideas into realities. A few of the fund supporting programs from us at Young People’s Ministries are listed below. Blessings in the beginning of 2022!

Young People’s Ministries continues to offer financial support for ministry with young people and education through several grant and scholarship programs. The window to apply for grants and scholarships in 2022 is now open! More details are at the links listed in each description.

Richard S. Smith Scholarship
Global Youth Service Fund
Grants for Ministries with Young People
Global Scholarship Fund



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Director of Young People’s Ministries at Discipleship Ministries

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