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The slides are in black that symbolizes grief, mourning, sadness and lament. My spouse Nerice, is a Deaconess.
In the Book of Discipline 2016, paragraph 1913.2, "Deaconesses, who are laywomen, and home missioners, who are laymen, are professionally trained persons who have been led by the Holy Spirit to devote their lives to Christlike service under the authority of the Church. They are approved through a process established by United Methodist Women, consecrated and commissioned by a bishop at settings approved by the board of directors of United Methodist Women. They shall have a continuing relationship to The United Methodist Church through United Methodist Women."
The reason why I'm sharing this with you is the because we are inspired by the courage and strength of the United Methodist Women in resistance against all forms of injustice and racism. On June 2, at 5 pm, all Deaconesses in the US gathered with their families to stage a prayer vigil for the victims and families of extrajudicial killings against our African American brothers and sisters. Nerice, Amos and I participated. The lynching against George Floyd was an act of extrajudicial killings in which you and I must resist because it is not according to the will of God.
In major and small cities nationwide in the US, the young people were the ones that led the protests against police brutality and systemic racism. Former President, Barack Obama said on Wednesday, (not in verbatim) that "The young people are leading change, and there is hope in optimism."
According to the affirmation and voices of the UMW, #ResistanceIsHoly.
3 (Triad is collective-community) Discussion Questions
1.How do we affirm the Image of God in every person?
2. Name any violations in the sacredness of life, the Image of God in every person and what can the young people called United Methodists do in addressing these violations?
3.How is Jesus, God's image of resistance?

40 Second Homily: Resistance

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