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Young People, you are the church.
Young people, you are the community.
Young people, you are the transformed SOWERS.
Our 40 SECOND HOMILY is focusing on the theme, “JOIN THE SOWER’S STRUGGLE.”
You and I are being invited to use new sets of lenses to re-read the parable by shifting our attention to the very rich offering of the metaphor instead of feeling good about ourselves in the meaning of the allegory that through the history of the church in its evangelistic effort has been too judgmental and narrow in its understanding.
I’ve been moved to share a message in sentence lines that is also about 40 seconds when views in the gif slides. The message is as follows:

  • Matthew 13: 3, “And he told them many things in parables, saying: "Listen! A sower went out to sow.”
  • Re-read the Parable in front of you, examine and be engaged.
  • Jesus used the beauty of the metaphor: liberation.
  • “Parables are resistance speech-acts.” (Laurel A. Dykstra)
  • Sin of the privileged: stealing people’s rich land.
  • Bountiful harvest for the rich who become richer.
  • Set aside the allegory: Church’s failure and wrong priority
  • “Parables can get one killed.” (Revelation E. Velunta)
  • Advocate for the poor in the struggle to life.
  • Listen children, young people! God speaks through the Parables.
3 Questions for Reflection/Discussion: (Read the full text in Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23, which is beyond the 40 SECOND HOMILY time frame)
1.Is your experience of reading and hearing an explanation of the Parable focused on the soil or the sower? How is that experience?
2.What is your re-reading of the Parable in the image of the sower rather than the explanation of the Parable as an allegory?
3.Describe how it would mean to affirm that Jesus took the side of the Sower, the poor who become poorer.

“Parables are resistance speech-acts.” (Laurel A. Dykstra, Sojourners Magazine, July 9, 2020)
“Parables can get one killed.” (Revelation E. Velunta, Reading the Parables Inside a Jeepney, 2017)
Drawing of “The Sower,” (Courtesy of Fel Cao, July 9, 2020)

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