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Friday, May 15 2020

I used to draw with a pencil, crayons, pastel colors on drawing pad or paper. Now I’m learning how to use my iPad with a stylus and uses different apps. But I need more tools to utilize them and create beautiful images, artwork as expressions of preaching the Word centering on the work of God in Jesus of love, liberation, justice and peace.
I mentioned that anyone can draw. You and I are theologians and yet we need more tools in studying the Scriptures so that our interpretation is contextually and culturally relevant, transforming, decolonizing and liberating.
In our 40 SECOND HOMILY: JESUS SAVES slides, I used my own drawing. I look forward to drawing with you and paint the world with the love of God in Jesus.
3 Discussion questions
1.How do you lead the children, youth and young adults to the saving grace of Jesus?
2.What are the injustices that you see in the world that you need to confront, and proclaim Jesus is the answer?
3.What can the church do as acts of justice while distancing physically?
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