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I worked on the completion of 40 SECOND HOMILY: ENABLED on Friday, May 29th during the time that several protest rallies were happening in Minneapolis, Washington, New York, Atlanta and San Jose.
It was during this time that through Communications, Bishop Minerva G.Carcaño issued, "A Call for Non-Violent Protests and Civic Engagement " that "names our historic cruelty, particularly toward African American men and boys, from historic legal slavery to modern day slavery, encompassing unjust policing practices, modern day lynching and economic injustice that traps people of color in poverty. Urging people to use their right of peaceful protest to practice non-violence, she calls upon faith leaders who preach messages of love and unity on Sunday to no longer be silent about our sinful national corrupt state of affairs on Monday." 
40 SECOND HOMILY is a form of protest against racism and injustice to all people of color. 40 SECOND HOMILY is a form of not being silent to any form of oppression. 40 SECOND HOMILY is good news.
I pray that we could lead and mentor our youth and young adults who are being ENABLED by the Holy Spirit to become witnesses of God's grace, love, redemption, compassion, forgiveness, liberation and seekers of justice through Jesus Chris
3 Discussion Questions
1. What could be the meaning of Pentecost to you and our young people during this time of the pandemic?
2. How do we see the manifestations of the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the young people in the midst of protests and demand for justice in the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd?
3. What are your concerns, fears or any other feelings that you are dealing with right now? Where do you see hope?

40 Second Homily: Enabled gif
(drawings courtesy of Shari Sandoval (hands and the dove). Fel (fist, people and rainbow, tongues of fire/Holy Spirit) One image courtesy Christian Century magazine, March 28, 2020, liStock/Getty

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