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40 SECOND HOMILY this time focuses on the theme, “Fathers, Confronting Original Sin.”
I was invited to preach by way of providing a video of a sermon in the celebration of Father’s Day Sunday worship at Evergreen United Methodist Church-San Jose online worship on June 21, 2020. My appreciation to the Rev. Sunae Cho, resident pastor of Evergreen UMC. Though we give importance to including Father’s Day celebration on Sunday worship service, it is also strongly encouraged not to have a dominant focus on Father’s Day. But rather, focus on God, with God’s gift of Creation and especially the Good News in Jesus Christ of Redemption with the power of the Holy Spirit residing in us. Father’s Day falls on the Third Sunday after Pentecost that offers a challenge on how do father’s heed to the call of service through social holiness.
40 SECOND HOMILY: CONFRONTING ORIGINAL SIN is an attempt to invite a more open consideration of a radical and contextual interpretation of what has been commonly known as, “ORIGINAL SIN,” as an inherited spiritual condition of deprivation of every human being. One man sinned, in the person of representation of Adam and all have sinned. The one major formula is through “ATONEMENT,” which is the sacrificial death and sacrifice of Jesus on his crucifixion on the cross. This interpretation needs to go beyond a one set of eyes of interpretation to many sets of eyes of interpretation to break the wall of colonization, discrimination and racism.
My sermon video with the provision of a manuscript is an offering to young people and youth and young adult leaders to be engaged in conversations which we call small groups on how each and every one of us could lift our voices up, confront and say, “NO MORE, “ to an interpretation and understanding of the ORIGINAL SIN that dehumanizes through a salvific formula of individual salvation. But rather, we refocus in addressing and confronting America’s ORIGINAL SIN which is RACISM according to Jim Wallis.

We have a long way to go in our journey of interpreting, understanding and embracing communal salvation that includes every creature and human being God created for stewardship of Mother Earth. But our faith and commitment to make disciples of Jesus that will help transform the world is giving us assurance that we’re on the right direction and this is according to the will of God.
40 SECOND HOMILY line sentences:
Romans 6: 2, “By no means! How can we who died to sin go on living in it?”
Father’s Day in worship is an opportunity to affirm the gift of fatherhood.
Admonish fathers to confront America’s Original Sin.
Confronting America’s Original Sin leads to Repentance.
Repentance is a change of heart and mind.
Dying to sin of Racism to a new life of tolerance.
Affirm the dignity of every human being.
The Holy Spirit sustains us to transformation.
Mentor young Prophets of Jesus.

Three (3) Discussion Questions:
1.What is your main reaction to the assertion of Jim Wallis’ statement that, “AMERICA’S ORIGINAL SIN is RACISM?”
2.What other humanizing ways to confront ORIGINAL SIN that will lead to people’s salvation rather than individual salvation?
3.What is your simple act or contribution to the mission of the UMC that is, “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

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