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Friday, June 12 2020

The lectionary gospel reading is from Matthew 9:36, “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them." (New Revised Standard Version of the Bible)
I have been mentored by a preacher to preach briefly but prophetically. I encourage you to do the same as we mentor young people to become young prophets. 
This 40 SECOND HOMILY could be used as a small group study/discussion. The sermon has this line sentences:
Compassion: “To suffer with others who are suffering.” (Henri Nouwen)
The poor in the world are suffering. Resulting to global migration.
Suffering caused by poverty. The elite rich becoming richer.
Suffering caused by rule of empire; colonization.
Suffering caused by marginalization.
Suffering caused by racial injustice.
Our compassion is rooted in Jesus: solidarity with the poor.
Uphold the rights of the poor for equality and equity.
3 (for triad/trinitarian number) Discussion Questions:
1.What is your impression/interpretation of Jesus' compassion for the crowd?
2.Can you name people who suffer? What are the causes of their suffering?
3.What is your church doing to show compassion to the victims of systemic racism?
40 Second Homily: Compassion gif

(Images/sketches courtesy of Fel/poverty and Shari/fist-peace)

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