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2020 Youth Delegation @ Annual Conference Session

Thursday, September 17 2020 to Monday, September 21 2020

The California-Nevada Annual Conference Session is ready to hear the voice of the youth and welcome their votes. The Conference Committee on Young People’s Ministry have allotted 7 voting and 1 alternate from each district. The youth delegation will meet one day before the Young Adult Delegation meets. The CCYPM is establishing a process for developing new young principled Christian leaders through their attendance and participation at the Annual Conference Session. The Conference Committee Young People's Ministry will provide training and preparation for the elected delegates to the Annual Conference Session.

This form is an application for consideration to be a member of the Youth Delegation to Annual Conference Session 2020.
To be considered for the Youth Delegation to the Annual Conference Session, you must:

  • be twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years of age; and

  • be a member of a local United Methodist Church in the California-Nevada Annual Conference; and

  • NOT be able to qualify or register under any other laity status (i.e. elected Lay Member to ACS by your local charge/church conference, Alternate Lay Member to ACS, etc.).

Other Qualifying Status. If you qualify or can register under any other laity status, please re-select the appropriate status. Most notably, Youth often may be elected as a Lay Member to ACS by the local church during its charge conference. If this is your case, please register under the Lay Member to ACS status. 

Additional Nominations and Elections. Youth who will be nominated and elected at their district conference sessions will be able to register after May 30.

Election Process. The process of nomination and election to serve as a voting or alternate member of the Youth Delegation is conducted by the district conferences in consultation with the Conference Committee on Young People's Ministry. If you are elected, you will be notified by email along with all necessary forms and housing information.

Accommodations. Housing for Youth Delegates will be covered by the Conference Committee on Young People’s Ministry.


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