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40 SECOND HOMILY is designed to come in a series every week for the purpose of providing a resource for youth and young adults in engaging in biblical-theological reflection through small group discussions and any form of group sharing. This model of delivering a sermon in 40 seconds has been inspired by preaching with less words but with the intentionality of inviting the youth and young adults to make very important decisions in living out faith through witness and service during this time of pandemic and when we are able to gather together after physical distancing.

The number forty (40) is very important, significant and meaningful number and symbol in the Bible. The number 40 means a long period of time (not literally 40 days). It rained for 40 days in which Noah and his family along with animals survived. It was a 40 day communing with God that Moses spent up in Mt. Horeb. Jesus fasted for 40 days prior to doing his ministry and proclaimed about the Kingdom of God. 

For 40 seconds, with welcoming spirit and humility that God could speak to us. You could spend longer time for reflection as a group when you have decided to do so. 40 SECOND HOMILY would reflect a theology that is according to the will of God, liberation and life in this time of struggle and yet gaining hope.

3 Discussion Questions (3 symbolizes the Trinity, God as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer)
1.What do you see, hear and feel from reading Psalm 22:1? 
2.What could be your responses to others when they say that God has forsaken us during this time of the pandemic?
3.What message did you get from the 40 SECOND HOMILY that you could share with others as a message of faith and hope?

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